Daniel Schual-Berke Photography: About The Photographer

Portrait: Daniel Schual-Berke

I view the world through an artist’s lens, focusing on objects that are visually interesting, either in their parts or as a sum of their parts. From the moment the shutter is released until the "print" button is engaged there lies a digital wonderland of manipulation and artistic exploration that offers unbridled creativity.

The form and content of imagery may remains true but every element of the image is subject to change. The resulting image reveals the world in a familiar yet different light and the eye views the images with a refreshed perspective. My imagery is varied and eclectic: portrait, scenic, wildlife, florals, macro, digital art, etc.

I have been fortunate in my travels and have journied to Antarctica and the Arctic numerous times. Photographs from these regions comprise a specialized portfolio.

I have an incorrigible wanderlust to see the world, which I am fortunate enough to do.