Daniel Schual-Berke Photography: About The Images

Enjoy viewing the images in the portfolios. Be aware that the small size of these images and the limited web colors do not do justice to the original works.

Most of the images are pure photographs, meaning that they have not been "materially altered".

"Photoart": These photoart images remain true to the original photograph in that the composition, form, and context of the original photographs remain unaltered.

Photoart images are wonderful creations that take the original image into an enhanced artistic realm. Small format prints generally do not do justice to this enhancement. Photo art images are more satisfactorily displayed when printed in the larger formats. Photoart images have true "pop'! Bright saturated colors and rich texture-make for intense eye appeal.

Digital Art images are true fanciful creations that combine and blend photo elements with an artistic digitally enhanced rendering. Almost all of these images are found in the Digital Art portfolio.